Thursday, November 28, 2013

Seattle Mariners 1981-86

The Seattle Mariners were once baseball's best dressed team from 1981-1986! They wore v-neck pullover jerseys and sansabelt baseball pants with a striped waistband! A great look that is now referred to as the Ultimate Baseball Look! This was a time where baseball uniforms actually looked cool, an era known as The Golden Age of the Baseball Uniform! With baseball's aging and shrinking audience, baseball is in dire need of another one. Suits, make it happen! Royal blue and gold are Seattle Mariners colors! Larry Milbourne, Steve Henderson, Roy Thomas, Jack Perconte and Jim Beattie in 1984 Mother's Cookies Seattle Mariners cards, the Mariners' best dressed middle infield, shortstop Spike Owen and second baseman Jack Perconte on the cover of a 1984 issue of On Deck, Alvin Davis playing first base in the Kingdome, Gaylord Perry on a 1983 cover of On Deck, the official Seattle Mariners magazine. Former skipper Rene Lachemann in 1981. The bottom line is that the Mariners looked their best 1981-86, the wordmark continues to live on today, a Nike Mariners baseball cap with the great 1981-86 trident wordmark. Seattle Mariners - Repeal the Teal!

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