Thursday, January 30, 2014

1980s Seattle Mariners

Dave Henderson, arguably the best dressed player in Seattle Mariners history in 1980. Ed Vande Berg in 1985, Bill Swift in 1986, former manager Maury Wills during spring training in 1981. Wills is wearing a star trident cap with the Mariners' 1977-80 home uniform. Maury Wills, arguably the Mariners' worst manager but best dressed. Former Seattle Mariners second baseman Jack Perconte in 1985. Alvin Davis, Harold Reynolds and Dave Henderson celebrate a Seattle Mariners win, the Mariners catcher who would catch Randy Johnson's 1st career no hitter in 1990, Scott Bradley in 1986. The Seattle Mariners 1981 program that introduced the world to the new uniforms. The Seattle Mariners star trident and the Seattle Mariners outstanding 1981-86 home uniforms! 1985 Seattle Mariners Relief Corps! Royal blue and gold are Seattle Mariners colors. If the Mariners weren't a contender for the title of best dressed team from 1980-1986 I don't know who would be. Pullover jerseys and sansabelt baseball pants are simply the Ultimate Baseball Look! Seattle Mariners - Repeal the teal!

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