Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Modernized Seattle Mariners 1981-86

I saw this at http://www.mvpmods.com a concept of the Seattle Mariners 1981-86 uniform, only with the current color scheme. I find it very fascinating. Pullover jersey with "racing stripes" and sansabelt baseball pants with the striped waistband. Another possibilty for a new look Seattle Mariners club! My biggest issue with this uniform is the use of silver, I feel it's unnecessary. The 1981-86 original only used blue and gold. The updated version should only use two colors as well, navy and teal, no silver. Plus, a navy and teal Seattle Mariners star trident logo, and a navy and teal Seattle Mariners 1977-80 trident cap. The navy and teal trident as well as a navy and teal 1981-86 wordmark. Something about the navy & teal Mariners star trident cap seems off though.

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  1. Luvvit!! I still wear my trucker-style trident-logo cap, with pride!!