Sunday, June 22, 2014

San Diego Padres 1980-83

I'm hesitant to refer to anything related to the San Diego Padres as the Ultimate Baseball Look, but I think the closest that franchise came to achieving the pinnacle of baseball aesthetics was with their 1980-83 uniforms. Pullover jerseys, sansabelt baseball pants with a brown, orange and yellow color scheme. Padres fans are apparently into it to this day. Here is the late great Tony Gwynn, Steve Garvey and Ozzie Smith in 1980-83 San Diego Padres uniforms, the 1981 San Diego Padres pose in front of the Star of India, a Walter Helfer 1981 illustration of the only San Diego Padres uniform we want, need or require and the 1983 San Diego Padres yearbook with Steve Garvey and Dick Williams on the cover. Apart from the cap, those uniforms actually aren't bad and I would endorse the Padres regularly wearing them once again. I like the yellow sanitary socks as well, another reason why baseball pants should never be overlooked when judging a baseball uniform's merits. Caps, jerseys, pants, stirrups and sanitary socks are all part of a baseball uniform. Plus, the A's shouldn't be the only baseball team that wears white spikes.

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