Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Seattle Mariners: Back To The Future Part 2

The Seattle Mariners should update their 1981-86 home uniforms and their 1985-86 road uniforms and wear them again full-time. Adopt royal blue and gold as the color scheme and the star trident as the primary logo again! V-neck pullover jerseys with racing stripes and sansabelt baseball pants with striped waistbands, no more nonsensical button-front jerseys. The time is right for this to happen. People are tired of the current, generic and boring 1993-present identity and they want to go Back to the Future! Mark Langston in the Mariners' 1985-86 road uniform, Harold Reynolds in the Mariners' 1981-86 BP jersey with the star trident logo, a blue star trident t-shirt, a white t-shirt with the Mariners 1981-86 wordmark, a Kingdome star trident seat cushion, a Seattle Mariners star trident baseball, a Mariners Nike trident windbreaker and a Mariners star trident backpack. Even a hybrid uniform based on the Mariners 1980 and 1981 trident uniforms would be interesting. The fans are prepared for a proper brand change. The fans don't want teal, they don't want compass roses and they certainly don't want Sunday cream uniforms, they want to go Back to the Future, the right way! Repeal the teal!

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