Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Seattle Mariners: Back To The Future

In December of 2012, I started a thread on an online baseball discussion board titled Seattle Mariners - Back To The Future and it was about the Seattle Mariners updating their 1981-86 uniforms, logos and colors and using them once again. That means wearing v-neck pullover jerseys with racing stripes and yes, sansabelt baseball pants! The Mariners attempted to look "traditional" in 1987 and began wearing button-front shirts and belted pants during play and introduced their least popular logo as well. In 1993, the Mariners changed their color scheme from royal blue and gold to navy, silver and teal, aka "Northwest Green" and introduced a compass rose as their new primary logo. That was well received at the time but it's not the early nineties anymore. It is time to bring fun back to the ballpark and use blue and gold as the color scheme and the star trident as the primary logo for the Seattle Mariners. The closest the Mariners came to embracing this movement was a July 1, 2011 'Turn Back the Clock' game vs the Padres. Mariners fans want this all the time. There are number of college baseball teams that have embraced the retro look in recent years such as Oklahoma St., Michigan, and of course Stanford, just to name a few. The Utah Jazz have undergone a Back to the Future type of brand change in the NBA and they look great. It's time for the Mariners to blaze trails and set trends! Perhaps the only change I would make to the 1981-86 home uniforms and 1985-86 road uniforms is to a use a blue, gold, blue trim around the v-neck collar the 1977-80 home jersey had. The Seattle Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki and Brendan Ryan on July 1, 2011. Even a hybrid of the 1980 & 1981 trident uniforms would suffice. The fans believe what once was old can be new again! They have trident watches and trident letterman jackets! Repeal the teal!

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