Friday, June 20, 2014

Seattle Mariners Pullover Jerseys with Racing Stripes!

Another factor in the popularity of the Seattle Mariners - Back to the Future movement is that people just love the Mariners' 1981-86 pullover jerseys with racing stripes. The fans are dying to see them again full-time. They love the blue and gold color scheme! Here's "Pee Wee" Greg Briley and Rich Delucia in their Bellingham Mariners days as well as former Mariners lefty Matt Young, former shortstop Brendan Ryan, coach Robby Thompson, former second baseman Jack Perconte, former third baseman Jim Presley and the greatest Seattle Mariner of them all, Ken Griffey Jr., while with the 1987 Bellingham Mariners, in Seattle Mariners pullover jerseys with the dynamic racing stripes we can't get enough of! Seattle Mariners - Repeal the Teal!

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