Friday, July 11, 2014

Seattle Mariners: Back To The Future Part 3

The Seattle Mariners need to go Back to the Future and once again adopt their 1981-86 identity! Adopt royal blue and gold as the color scheme again. Wear v-neck pullover jerseys with racing stripes! Wear sansabelt baseball pants with striped waistbands and vertical stripes down the sides. Once again use the star trident logo as the primary logo. It would be great for the Mariners satin baseball jacket to make its return to the dugout as well! It just makes sense. The fans want this to happen and they're ready for it! A Seattle Mariners star trident pennant! A Seattle Mariners trident logo hooded sweatshirt! A Seattle Mariners retro Fathead wall decal! Seattle Mariners "retro" star trident King's Court t-shirt and 'K' card! The Seattle Mariners' female fans want the trident back! Seattle Mariners star trident button! Seattle Mariners trident logo! Seattle Mariners Ichiro and Mike Brumley in the Mariners 1981-86 uniform on July 1, 2011! Ichiro scoring a run on July 1, 2011 in the retro uniform. Repeal the teal!

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