Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Orix Blue Wave - Ichiro

Ichiro Suzuki played parts of 9 seasons with the Orix Blue Wave or BlueWave, prior to joining the Seattle Mariners following the 2000 season. The Orix Blue Wave had the same color scheme as the Seattle Mariners, royal blue and gold! Their uniforms were similar as well, v-neck pullover jerseys with blue, gold, blue trim around the neck and sleeves. The pants were nearly identical to the 1981-86 Seattle Mariners too. The only difference was the Blue Wave wore belted pants. A very solid uniform that is superior to any current MLB team's uniform. I can't call it the Ultimate Baseball Look because of the belted pants, but it's pretty close. A few shots of Ichiro with the Orix BlueWave, including a Ichiro McFarlane figure that's historically inaccurate. It's inaccurate because the figure depicts Ichiro wearing "high cuffed" pants. Ichiro didn't wear his pants that style until 2006, 6 years after his last season in Japan. Edit: I stand corrected, it appears that early in his career with the Orix Blue Wave, Ichiro Suzuki wore his pants "high cuffed" complete with low cut stirrups, as displayed on a 1994 baseball card and higher cut stirrups from 1993 I believe. A 1995 Orix Blue Wave yearbook. Yutaro Mukumoto in a full Orix Blue Wave uniform, including a v-neck pullover jersey, before cheering on Ichiro Suzuki during a 2013 Yankees and Angels game in Anaheim. The Orix Buffaloes have worn retro Orix Blue Wave jerseys several times in recent years.