Friday, December 5, 2014

Tidewater Tides

Longtime New York Mets affiliate, the Tidewater Tides once had great baseball uniforms. I believe, beginning in 1986 and ending after 1991, the Tidewater Tides began wearing uniforms that resembled the New York Mets uniforms that were designed by Joe Petruccio. V-neck pullover jerseys that had both pinstripes and racing stripes! For awhile, the Tidewater Tides even wore pillbox caps. I cannot refer to the Tides' uniforms as the Ultimate Baseball Look because they wore belted pants, but it is still a great look that hopefully will be brought back so that today's fans and players can enjoy another Golden Age of the Baseball Uniform! Dave Magadan, Mark Carreon, John Gibbons and Craig Shipley in the Tidewater Tides' greatest home uniform and Dwight Gooden and Gregg Jefferies in the Tidewater Tides' greatest road uniform.

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