Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Seattle Mariners Best Caps

The best Seattle Mariners baseball caps, all trident related. All royal blue and gold. No navy blue or teal to be found! Repeal the teal.

The original 1977-80 trident cap. 

The 1981-86 star trident (trident star, to some) cap.

 A new and improved star trident cap.

A trident Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners cap.

A star trident bucket hat worn by former Mariners skipper Rene Lachemann.

A cap with the greatest wordmark in baseball history, the Mariners' 1981-86 trident wordmark.


  1. I kind of liked the real marine blue silver combo myself I know I'm in the mimority

  2. do you own the teal trident logo hat?

  3. the one with the teal brim snd trident logo.