Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016 Seattle Mariners

On June 25, 2016 at Safeco Field, the Seattle Mariners hosted the St. Louis Cardinals in a Turn Back the Clock game. They went back to the year 1984. That means the Mariners wore the 2016 version of their home 1981-86 uniforms, v-neck pullover jerseys and sansabelt baseball pants with a striped waistband. The Cardinals wore the 2016 version of their 1984 road powder blues. This was just the second time the Mariners wore their 1981-86 home uniforms. The only other time was July 1, 2011 in a game against the Padres. It's no secret that those are my favorite Mariners uniforms! The royal blue and gold color scheme, the pullover jerseys and beltless pants and of course the trident on the jersey wordmark as well as the star trident caps! Just a great look. Bring back the trident! Make Baseball Fun Again! The Ultimate Baseball Look is also the Fun Baseball Look. Grow the game.

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