Sunday, October 16, 2016

Seattle Mariners Tugboat

1982 Seattle Mariners bullpen cart/car was designed to look like a tugboat! I don't believe anyone actually rode in it to enter a game at the Kingdome, but what a fun concept. The "Seattle M.S. Relief". The Mariners of the 1980s may have had terrible win/loss records but they embraced a fun nautical theme. Tugboats, ships, the USS Mariner, firing cannons after home runs, marking outfield distances in both feet and fathoms, not to mention great logos and uniforms. The Seattle Mariners of today are so bland and generic they might as well simply be called Seattle "baseball team". Bring back nautical themes to Seattle Mariners games. Make baseball fun again!

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  1. It was actually a fireboat. Gaylord Perry called it a tugboat, though. He instituted a "kangaroo court" fine for any M's reliver who used it, saying that he'd be damned if anybody came in for him riding a tugboat. That may be one reason it didn't last long.