Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Baseball Uniforms as Athletic Wear

It seems baseball is the only sport today that goes out of its way to make their players dress & look like accountants instead of athletes. There was a time when a baseball uniform was genuine athletic wear, pullover jerseys & beltless "sansabelt" pants. 

Rickey Henderson in that classic form fitting Oakland A's uniform, sprinting on the basepaths. 

Nolan Ryan, in the greatest California Angels uniform, working out on some Nautilus equipment. 

Jack Armstrong doing jumping jacks in the best Cincinnati Reds uniform.

Jose Cardenal, in the distinguished home Chicago Cubs uniform, enjoying a penny farthing ride in Wrigley Field.

Bobby Grich, the former second baseman, went surfing while wearing his California Angels pullover jersey. Nothing else compares.

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